Poster Day :)

Posted by Audrey WKY On Thursday, April 7, 2011 1 comments

Yesterday (or 2 days ago, since it's already pass midnight), was the first poster day I presented at. It was really nice to present my first poster and explain what I have been working on for the past months. The main thing I've realized is that I need to work on my communication. I often speak too fast and I also forget to explain certain terms that may be jargon for others.

Overall, it was a very good experience. It really reminded me why I really enjoy the world of research! However one negative aspect I found about the poster day is that I was one of the last students to be evaluated. So unfortunately, I wasn't able to walk around to see the other posters. I really would have wanted more time to walk around.

I will post pictures here soon :)


joeLAB said...

Audrey - your negative aspect is one that I always encounter at every conference that we present at. But what is most important is for others to hear about your work. For example, when Mazen Jazi and I were recently presenting his poster and we were talking to other researchers about patients. One person in the hall heard this and came over and told us about his work as a PhD candidate but he is already a resident in some medical field and specializes with Tourette's syndrom. This brought a potential collaborator into the "circle" - really fun!

This is what I think is the best thing about poster's - the unknown connections. Even once at SfN in Miami (1994) - wow so long ago. Two of my student colleagues at the time - met and eventually got married and now have three children. It is a meeting of the minds and when that happens - almost anything could come of it.


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