Brief Introduction to my Thesis & Data Analysis

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For whoever is reading:

Quick facts about my thesis
- Title: Examining the relationship between saccades and working memory capacity.
- Hypothesis: Expecting to see an increase in the amount of saccades, as memory capacity increases in diffculty.
- Methods:

participants: Undergraduate Level Students
equipment and measures: ViewPoint Eyetracker and software, Colour-Matching and Letter-Matching Tasks (Arsalidou et al., 2010)


For Joe:
With the help of Cecilia, I will first analyze one participant over all tasks (Balloons, Clowns, Letter-A and Letter-Sq). I will show you the data (either in meeting or on this blog).

Here are the steps I am planning on taking:

1. Change the saccades data files by adding specific information such as where the cross appeared and when each task difficulty appeared for all different trials in number-codes. Different trials include: Balloons, Clowns, Letter-Square and Letter-A.

2 . With the help of Cecilia, I will plot the pattern of the saccades on MatLab.

3. I will then go through all the plotted saccade data and count the amount of saccades that were made. For each trial, I will have an average amount of saccades made. Averages will be done for each participants' own data and afterward on the whole data set of the study.

* Saccades will be counted by the change in direction seen in the pattern that is plotted on MatLab. Coordinates given by the original saccade data will also be used in conjunction to see where changes in saccades were occuring.


(Picture: Henderson et al., 2000)

4. Perhaps look into some extra stuff. For instance, the size of saccades and saccade pattern differences for correct answers and wrong answers.


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